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What brings you to the water?

Aquatramp is not a person or a boat, but a feeling. We are travelers, seekers, and explorers, who choose to live on and around the water. Our appetite is for travel, music, food, and friendship. Are you ready to join along for the journey?

Aquatramp is an active community of people who embrace the travel lifestyle. We have created this website to share stories of our experiences and connect with like-minded travelers. We are looking for awesome people to join us as we move across the globe in search of adventure, beautiful landscapes, laughs, music, and culinary experiences.
Here we welcome people from all walks of life. From those who have never set foot on a boat and just want to escape their daily routine to experienced backpackers on their world domination tour and everything in between. We encourage travelers to be themselves, sharing their stories and culture while creating new memories.

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