Aquatramp Explorer


Aquatramp Explorers are those who contribute to writing blog posts on their travels, have sailed aboard Sapphire Catamaran as Crew, or have been directly involved in one of our Meetups. Are you interested in doing either of these? Let us know.

The 2020 Aquatramp Explorer inductees are from around the globe. Each person has left their mark in making Aquatramp a better Brand.

Reg B. (Charleston, SC) Sailing Mentor

Dale K. (USS Skipjack 585)- Virgina/North Carolina sail

Uncle Rick (England)- Transatlantic sail

Megan K. (North Carolina) Florida sail

Dan D (Idaho)- Florida/Bahamas sail

Russell M (North Carolina) Bahamas sail

Steve M. (Idaho)

Tim and Michelle C. (Florida)

Natalie B. (Australia)

Chris and Holly F. (North Carolina)

Coco W. (Philly)

Tracey J. (Florida)

Robbie and Nicole A. (Tennessee)

Meg G. (Pennsylvania)

Omar D. (Florida)

Alison M. (Rhode Island)

Dan M. (Idaho)

David and Alice (SV Aisling)