Your Journey


We enjoy sharing our space onboard the catamaran with other travelers. While docked or sailing to our next destination, we offer free accommodations onboard in one of four private cabins. You can think of us like a floating home away from home. You want to party, we’ve got a wicked sound system and a bbq to grill out. If you’d rather lay back and read a book, the trampoline is the perfect place to chill and watch the world go by.

Docked- What to expect while we are docked on location.

Being at the dock is the best of both worlds. Usually, the marinas we choose to stay at are close to lively downtown areas. Dinning, sightseeing, and activities are generally within walking distance.
Dockwise, the mornings start with a sunrise breakfast in the cockpit while taking in the views and fresh air.
Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, we notice that guests usually divide into groups to seek out daily activities. Some folks may go looking at the historic architecture of the coastal towns, while others head to the nearest beach. We provide light lunches onboard the catamaran if requested. The evening is when the real entertainment begins. Sunset brings the traditional “Sundowners”, a cocktail up on the trampoline to socialize and tell about the days’ excursions.
Dinner is an occasion in itself and prepared onboard in the ship’s galley. Dinner gives way to drinks and to see who can share the best travel story. A Scottish friend once told me, “never let the truth get in the way of a good story.” Photos are taken and then shared with friends and family abroad. We encourage social media, but remember nothing dampens a trip quicker than a dropped phone in the ocean. If we’re lucky, Natalie may even break out the guitar. Who’s up for hearing a Beatles tune in an Australian accent?
Bathrooms on a yacht, are called ‘heads,’ and are sometimes a blushing topic. Each cabin has a private head and can be confusing at first to operate. Do I switch the lever to the left or the right?
Lots of hours reading and napping have accumulated on the decks, especially after a late night with friends. Nothing shakes off a boat hangover faster than a dip in the water for a swim. If you’re still in need of a little pep, the Captain can whip up his secret hangover elixir.

Sailing- What to expect while we are underway and sailing to our next destination.

We want to make your time out on the water, the sailing experience of your dreams. If your idea of cruising is lying on the deck working on your tan, then go for it. The sun can be harsh out on the open water, so we’ll do the mum thing and tell you not to forget the sunscreen! Witnessing sunsets from the water though – ahhh, it’s poetry waiting to be written. For those that would rather be in the water, we have snorkels, masks, and fins, so when we find the perfect spot, you can dive off the boat and go searching for turtles. It’s also quite common to see dolphins riding the wake of the bow as we’re sailing along too! If you’re a little more adventurous, we’ll happily teach you some sailing techniques – a little basic navigation, sailors knots, and you can even have a go taking the helm if you like! We want to make sure you’re enjoying the experience exactly the way you want to enjoy it.

We provide meals while sailing (just let us know of any dietary requirements before we set sail), but if you fancy yourself a bit of a food wizard, be our guest. You’re welcome to whip up your meal in the galley or join our cooking.

Being a catamaran, Sapphire is designed for stability, so you won’t feel the motion of the ocean as much as you would on a monohull. That being said, some guests do still struggle with a bit of seasickness, but the crew is here to help you out with some tips if this happens. Catamarans are built for exploration, so once you’ve got your sea legs, feel free to wander around on the top deck and sit on the trampoline where you’ll feel the spray of the ocean. The bow is a prime viewing position. It doesn’t matter how many dolphins and turtles we see along the way; our crew still rushes for a glimpse every single time, so be sure to call out any wildlife you spot!

We invite you to be part of our journey – whether that means reading our blogs from your couch, living vicariously through our Instagram or joining us onboard! We welcome all who share our passion for the ocean, travel, and adventure. 

SAILING SCHEDULE 2021 – The year of clearer vision! We aren’t aiming for the perfect image, just seeking further clarity in life across our next journey.
We are currently planning an exciting itinerary for the year. We’ll be sailing along the east coast of the US and down into the Caribbean, hitting some beautiful locations to coincide with fun events! Check often updates and details on destinations and timings.
In the meantime, feel free to contact us if you’re interested in joining us at the dock in Florida. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date.